Answer YES or NO to the following statements:
• I often act nice and polite on the outside when inside I feel annoyed, frustrated, angry or hurt.
• My life is dominated by doing, achievement and performance.
• I anticipate the needs of others and work hard to satisfy them.
• I often feel inadequate or not good enough.
• My true feelings are a secret that I rarely share with anyone.
• I take pride in the fact that I need very little from others.
• If I make a mistake, I am overwhelmed by feelings of failure.
• My family rarely discussed feelings and emotions when I was a child.
• I sometimes have difficulty identifying my feelings or I deny their value.
• I have a hard time saying “No” to others.
• I am highly critical of myself.
• It is hard to let other's take care of me without feeling shame or guilt.
• People have described me as a perfectionist.
• I often feel exhausted, overly burdened and my schedule is overloaded.
• I have difficulty trusting others.
• I often keep silent in order to avoid conflict.

If you answered yes to four or more of the following statements you most likely developed a rigid artificial persona early in childhood to protect yourself from feelings of rejection, abandonment and pain. You learned to hide your true feelings and your authentic self in order to survive in a family with strict and rigid expectations. Repressing your authenticity protected you as a child, however as an adult hiding away your inner truth is no longer helpful. In fact, it is toxic to yourself and your relationships.  

A rigid false self limits your ability to feel alive and to act spontaneously. Your soul's inner truth is rarely expressed which leaves you feeling lonely, compulsively driven or completely unmotivated. Feelings of anxiety, shame and hopelessness or numbness are all symptoms of a hidden authentic self and a disconnection to soul. 

Healing is possible. You can reconnect to your authentic self and learn to express your soul's inner truth. When we are connected to our unique and authentic self, we are able to become truly intimate with others and with God. You no longer have to hide your authentic self away. You no longer have to freeze and repress your feelings and needs. We would like to help you let go of shame and discover the freedom of living authentically.