Gesell Psychotherapy is a group of exceptionally skilled clinicians on a mission to help people experience psychological freedom, gain greater intimacy in relationships, connect to soul and feel more alive. We are passionately committed to supporting individuals as they learn how to express their authentic selves and quiet their inner critic.
Our therapists believe in creating a sacred space where individuals can honor their true feelings and learn to let go of shame. We do not offer trite clichés or stereotypical therapeutic interventions; we care tremendously about developing genuine relationships. Our treatment approach focuses on helping individuals develop mindfulness, curiosity and self-compassion. At Gesell Psychotherapy wounds are honored, imagination is cherished and dreams are respected. Most importantly, we are dedicated to supporting healing and growth.


The Speech Of Our Soul

We often minimize the significance of our dreams. We awaken confused about the past night's dreams, without any method to understand their seemingly bizarre images. At a loss, we disregard our dreams. Too much spicy food before bed may explain away a disturbing night's sleep. However, our dreams are important. When we tend to our dream life we become more aware of our authentic self and our soul's inner longings. Neurologists hypothesize that we actually sleep in order to dream. Many philosophers and religious teachers consider dreams to God's forgotten language. That is to say, our dream life offers...

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