Adulting is Hard...


Are you having a Quarter-Life Crisis?

Experiencing a crisis in your twenties is actually normal.  A quarter-life crisis can happen anywhere between 18 and 30 years old.  Adulting is hard.  It's scary venturing out into the adult world all alone.  Reality can feel overwhelming.  It's hard to figure out what to do with your life and who you really are.

Following are 10 signs that you may be having a quarter-life crisis:  

10.  I'm unhappy with my job or major or there aren't any jobs or majors that I want. 

9.  When I think of the future I am filled with fear and panic.

8.  All my friends are in committed relationships and I'm all alone or unhappy in my romantic relationship. 

7.  I feel trapped financially or emotionally.

6.  I want to run away and escape my life.

5.  I've considered going to back to school or graduate school but I don't have the money or the motivation.

4.  Throughout the day I experience feelings of failure.

3.  I'm overwhelmed by all the choices my life presents. 

2.  I am re-evaluating my current relationships.

1.  I often feel sad, angry, anxious and confused. 


If you're going through a quarter-life crisis, you are not alone. All sorts of successful adults struggle in their 20's. We would like to help you make it to the other side of this transition.

Gesell Psychotherapy has therapists who specialize in helping people through this difficult time. We can help you appreciate your strengths and assist you in discovering ways to manage your anxiety and enjoy the responsibilities and freedoms that come with adulting. Schedule an appointment today.