The Battle of Balance


Balance or break

Balance. We hear about this word often. We hear about how important it is and how most people struggle with it. For some of us this word brings a flood of guilt and worry. Often this word is experienced as a word that belongs among the fairies and unicorns; a mere fantasy. Words are powerful, they can evoke so much feeling (or all the "feels" as they say). Sometimes we assign meaning to a word that adds to our own sense of doom.

I have never met one family, ever, that has talked about balance like it is easy. That's one thing this word really is; HARD! It just is. Life is constantly offering us choices. A choice between self-care and our children... a choice between our children and our spouse or significant other... a choice between cleaning or play... a choice between work and family. It is constant and never ending. 

First, lets just all cry together as we acknowledge that balance is never attained indefinitely. that would be impossible to due life never being static. Everything and everything is changing all the time. Balance can be experienced in moments, in hours and sometimes days. I think of experience of feeling "balanced" over the course of a month or more is really a reflection of an accumulation of moments and feeling as though those outweighed the moments of a break in balance. 

I have a family of five that I belong to. I am the "mom" in this family. We have three wildly lively boys. My husband and I both work, he works primarily outside of our home and I work primarily inside our home. Balance is everything to our little family.