I offer individual and group consultation wherein interns and therapists can process and interpret clinical material from a depth psychological approach. This means you will consider your cases from Psychoanalytic, Jungian and Existential perspectives.

I am invested in helping psychotherapists discover their unique and creative therapeutic talents and abilities. I would like to help you build your clinical skills and form your own unique and  professional identity as a therapist. In consultation you will learn to  cultivate a perspective of mindfulness and curiosity and approach each human soul as sacred. Using a depth psychological approach means that we will concentrate on self-awareness; you will discover how to honestly evaluate your personal interior process and reactions toward others understanding that your patient's transference and your own countertransference are significant data. I look forward to consulting with you about your patients and working together to learn how we can support their healing and growth.

Case Consultation
Fee is 60.00 for 1.5 hours of group consultation consisting of two of more individuals.
Fee is 150.00 for 1.5 hours of individual consultation.

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