A dream group provides an accepting and sacred space where you can begin tending to the multiple meanings and layers of your dream life. Dreams can guide and heal us!!! 

Dream Groups can help with Trauma and Childhood AbuseRecovery

Dream groups can help with nightmares and relieve symptoms of PTSD.  Dream and trauma research has shown nightmares may be “detoxified” in a group dream treatment setting. Dreams can be metaphorical or repetition nightmares. Repetition nightmares repeat the trauma you have already survived or witnessed. Repetition nightmares can be changed in a minor way leading to substantial relief and a decrease in nightmares and flashbacks. 

Dream Groups can assist with Addiction Recovery

Dream groups can also help with addiction recovery. Many addicts in recovery have drug dreams; they can warn of relapse or affirm recovery.  Sometimes these relapse dreams will be a sign that an individual needs to evaluate their recovery or let go of something that is placing their recovery in jeopardy. Dreams can also prepare the mind for stresses that are likely to occur in the future. 

Dreams Groups and Psychological Health

Dreams can be diagnostic and prognostic and remind us to look in and listen to what we need. When we tend to our dream life we become more aware of our authentic self.  Our dreams offer us powerful messages about our spiritual lives as well as our emotional and relational lives. They can help us deal with past and present dilemmas and resolve inner conflicts. Our therapists have specialized experience in dream work. Together we will use numerous methods to understand and interpret the meanings of your dreams. 

Dream Tending Groups

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