The Speech Of Our Soul

We often minimize the significance of our dreams. We awaken confused about the past night's dreams, without any method to understand their seemingly bizzare images. At a loss, we disregard our dreams. Too much spicy food before bed may explain away a disturbing night's sleep. However, our dreams are important. When we tend to our dream life we become more aware of our authentic self and our soul's inner longings.

Neurologists hypothesize that we actually sleep in order to dream. Many philosophers and religious teachers consider dreams to God's forgotten language. That is to say, our dream life offers us powerful messages about our spiritual lives, as well as our emotional and relational lives. Psychology accepts that our dreams express aspects of ourselves that may be neglected and are in need of more attention.

There are numerous ways to understand our dreams and interpret their meaning. First, you will need to begin looking at each of your dreams as metaphors. Accept that dreams are powerful stories about your life. Each image is full of hidden meanings and may represent multiple thoughts, feelings and associations. It is imperative that you approach dream life with a symbolic sensibility and work toward de-literalizing your dream images.

Next, begin considering each person, image or character in your dream as an aspect of yourself. Many dream experts analyze dreams solely by relying on this interpretive method. Imagine that your dream life is like a theater and you have been cast in all the roles.

If there is an angry monster in your dream, consider how you are like that monster. This can be quite difficult at first, but keep at it. Dream images invite us to accept those parts of ourselves that we want to discard or deem inappropriate. You may be feeling like a monster in a relationship. Or, perhaps, you have unexpressed anger or monstrous rage. Your dream may be inviting you to honor and care for your feelings of anger. When anger is not expressed it is turned inward and can lead to self-doubt and sudden outbursts. The monster in your dream may be alerting you that your unexpressed anger needs expression.

Or your dreams may be illuminating a deep longing to express another aspect of your personality. People commonly dream of having a sexual relationship or an affair in their dreams. They often awake feeling quite shocked that they dreamed of having sex with a friend or authority figure. They are taking their dreams too literally. Having an affair in a dream often suggest that you would like to embrace an element of your personality that has long been neglected or forgotten. Perhaps, you dreamed of having sex with a care-free friend. Your dream is illuminating your repressed desire. That is, you may want to start loving the part of you that knows how to feel less stressed, to relax and have fun.

Maybe you are naturally quite shy. If your dream life is like a theater, and you are playing every role, then dreams of hugging or fighting with an aggressive co-worker may simply mean that you are in conflict with the aggression or power that lives inside of you. Now that you have this information, you can more consciously consider how to exert your power and act more assertively.

We often do not want to admit just how many parts of our personality exist. It can be hard to accept that we may possess the traits that we love or loathe the most in others. However, becoming aware of our complexities and recognizing our many dimensions can be powerfully liberating. Dreams invite us to care for our whole selves. We all deserve to feel accepted and loved wholly and freely.

Ideas On How To Prepare For Dream Work
• Before going to sleep, tell yourself that you are going to dream. Accept that dreams are a genuine inner experience.
• You do not need to recall the entire dream. Write down even the smallest event. Whatever part of the dream that you recall holds significance.
• Sometimes the memory of a dream may spontaneously pop into your mind during the day. Try to write it down as soon as possible. This information may offer clues to your dream's meaning.

What if my dreams are scary and the images I recall frighten me?

Dreams may startle us - forcing us to ask questions. Questions we did not realize needed asking. If your dream images are frightening, get curious. Engage with the images instead of ignoring them and simply hoping that they go away. Ask yourself, "Why is this particular image or character visiting me in my dreams?", "What does it want to tell me about myself and my relationships with others?" Journal about the image and write down your feelings and thoughts associated with the image. Look for pictures of the image or draw or paint the image yourself. While you are awake, talk directly to the image. Tell the image that you realize it may want to share something important with you but it is going about it in the wrong way. Explain to the image that it is no longer allowed to scare you in this manner and will need to express itself in another way. Do this for repeatedly before bed for several nights. You will be amazed how your dream life may transform!

Some people say they do not dream...

We all dream. However, you may go through periods when you just can't remember dreams, or only recall small fragments. Be patient. Remain inviting. Journal and describe any your thoughts, feelings, and sensations you have upon awakening in the morning. Write about your thoughts and feelings about not being able to recall dreams. Explore those thoughts and feelings with curiosity and acceptance. Give yourself permission to start remembering your dreams. This may feel silly but we sometimes need to dialogue with parts of ourselves that are fearful of self-reflection. We are often in conflict with ourselves and our dreams reveal to us what we may need to accept or change about ourselves, our relationships and, perhaps, our current way of living.

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