Areas of Specialization: Anxiety; Working with Leaders and C.E.O.’s 

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and absolutely love what I do; I enjoy the sacred hour that I get to spend with each individual. Starting (and sticking with!) therapy isn’t always easy- it requires courage to really figure out what is causing you pain. If you were to fall and scrape your knee on a dirty sidewalk, you would never just stick a bandaid on your wound. You would first clean it so that it would be able to heal properly, of course. Therapy is much like that cleaning- it allows you to heal properly so you can live your life as you wish. My hope would be that my partnership with you would make that cleaning a bit easier; to some extent the effectiveness of therapy depends on our ability to work together!

I have several areas of clinical focus; I am passionate about those who are struggling in their fight with anxiety, who want to live their best lives but can’t because anxiety holds them back. I also specialize in working with leaders, including those in managerial, pastoral, or corporate roles who are facing burnout, exhaustion, or a lack of fulfillment in their jobs. Finally, I work with teens, creating a safe space for them to sort out their identity and self image while providing support for frustrated parents. I received my Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology at Vanguard University and have been in the world of psychotherapy for nearly 10 years. In addition to therapy I have a passion to help educate others, and have spent time as an adjunct professor of Human Development and Psychology at Life Pacific University; I enjoy speaking at workshops, retreats, and church events. Of all the roles I play, I most enjoy being wife to my husband of 12 years and mother to my daughters. In my free time, you can probably find me outside running or riding my bicycle along Pacific Coast Highway.

Phone: (714) 717-4965

Email: emily@gesellpsychotherapy.com