The Truth Will Set You Free Review

“The damage don't to us during out childhood cannot be undone, since we cannot change anything in out past. We can repair ourselves and gain our lost integrity by choosing to look more honestly at the knowledge that is stored inside out bodies and bringing that knowledge closer to our awareness.”  — Alice Miller

Alice Miller’s The Truth Will Set You Free is an incredibly written piece on early-childhood mistreatment and the dangers of mindless obedience to parental will. From my first read of Miller’s (Drama of the Gifted Child) to this one, I appreciate her consistent personal tone and willingness to shed light on the darkness that so often overtakes the young soul. Miller brings in both her clinical work and latest research on brain development to demonstrate the effects of spanking in correlation to denial and emotional blindness. She presents her argument that the humiliation experienced through the act of physical discipline significantly effects both childhood and later adult years. Miller is passionate about ending the generational cycle of physical force to ensue obedience with the alternative to nurture a child’s authentic self through the art of emotional acceptance, safety, and respect.

She invites individuals to take courage in finding their own truth. Cycles can only be broken once we become aware of them. Miller’s book, The Truth Will Set You Free, sets the stage for illuminating the darkness and promoting emotional connection to your authentic self. She is riveting throughout, challenging to the core, and willing to take the reader where most deem forbidden. I would recommend reading with caution as she will challenge so much of what you may know to be held as truth.


Reviewed by: Amanda Schubert, MFT