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I founded Gesell Psychotherapy because I believe that therapy isn't just about eliminating your psychological issues. Rather, our psychotherapy practice understands and accepts that there is value in our psychological symptoms. Your suffering is calling you to grow and expand. Painful symptoms  (i.e. fear and anxiety, depression and hopelessness, unexplained somatic issues, anger or rage) are powerful unconscious messages informing you that there is an imbalance in your life. Psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to deeply examine your life and reflect on your relationship patterns and life choices. Are you living an authentic life that is truly fulfilling or are you living out someone else's image of an ideal life? Often, it is the latter. Deep anxiety, sadness, anger and helplessness often emerge when the priorities of our lives are not truly our own. So often we are unconsciously living out someone else's life dream. Symptoms can awaken us to that reality. Therapy can help us make sense of our symptoms and motivate us to live a more fulfilling existence. Gesell Psychotherapy is a group of skilled clinicians who would like to help you listen more deeply to yourself - and to help you live more meaningfully and authentically. - Dr. Brenda Gesell


“There is value in your psychological symptoms. Your suffering is calling you to grow and expand”.

-Dr. Brenda Gesell