If you answered yes to 5 or more of the statements you most likely developed an artificial persona early in childhood to protect yourself from feelings of rejection, abandonment and pain.

You learned to hide your true feelings and your authentic self in order to survive in a family with strict and rigid expectations. Repressing your authenticity protected you as a child, however as an adult hiding away your inner truth is no longer helpful.

In fact, it is not allowing for true intimacy in your relationships.

You deserve to feel truly known. When you do not express your inner truth you can feel lonely, compulsively driven or completely unmotivated.

Feelings of anxiety, shame and hopelessness or numbness are all symptoms of a hidden authentic self. Healing is possible. You can reconnect to your authentic self. When we are connected to our unique and authentic self, we are able to become truly intimate with others and with God.

You no longer have to hide away or repress your feelings and needs. You can be a mess and still be loved. Are you ready to develop your emotional resilience and discover psychological freedom?