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Our second episode is titled, "Does having children or being child-free make you happier?"

A 2013 Time magazine cover shows a couple lying on the beach and reads, “The Childfree Life: When having it all means not having children.” This is one of many magazines and research articles that suggest people without kids are happier. This podcast episode explores the cultural and psychological value of remaining childfree or choosing to have children.

Our first episode is titled "Is there value in depression"?

Depression may often have something significant to tell you if you are willing to listen. Though painful and scary, dark feelings often have profound value. Sometimes depressive feelings are inviting you to mourn repressed grief. Other times, symptoms of depression have a spiritual value - asking you to reflect on the existential issues of life. Hopelessness and sadness can also indicate that there is a part of you that has been neglected; perhaps an unexpressed creative or emotional aspect of yourself needs acknowledgment and care. Join us as we discuss the value of depression in our first episode of Don't Go There.